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Anxiety disorders are a group of mental illnesses characterized by strong and persistent feelings of fear or anxiety that affect daily functioning. Individuals struggling with this disorder often react in excessive and inappropriate ways to situations that others may find stressful, but are not a cause for anxiety. Symptoms range from feelings of anxiety, excessive stress, difficulty concentrating, insomnia to physical symptoms, including headaches, digestive problems, rapid heartbeat, sweats, tremors or shortness of breath. People affected by this problem can reach for anti-anxiety nootropics available in our offer. The effect of the preparations is to reduce unpleasant symptoms and improve mood and sleep quality.

Antianxiety nootropics - a way to improve daily well-being

Anxiety disorders can have various causes, and their onset is usually the result of a complex interaction of many biological, psychological and environmental factors. Unfortunately, nowadays an increasing number of people are struggling with such problems, which is directly related to high exposure to stress, fast pace of life and lack of sufficient regeneration. As for biological factors, these include neurochemical disorders in the brain, genetic predisposition, and physical illnesses such as heart disease or hormonal disorders. Psychological factors include the experience of trauma or excessive stress in childhood or adulthood. Nootropics for anxiety will prove helpful for people whose disorders are related to environmental factors, i.e. exposure to stressful situations at work or in personal life. In order to cope with this problem, it is worth not only reaching for the right remedies, but also taking measures to address the causes of the disorder. For those who deal with severe stress on a daily basis, we also suggest our preparations for sedation.

Nootrops for anxiety - our suggestions

One product that deserves special attention is Noopept. It exhibits not only anti-anxiety effects. In some cases, it can even reduce symptoms of depression. An additional benefit is that it provides greater emotional stability and reduces symptoms of asthenia, or chronic fatigue. A study conducted with the participation of people struggling with cognitive disorders showed that taking Noopept can improve parameters related not only to mood, but also to sleep. At the same time, the subjects experienced less anxiety, restlessness and fatigue. Such nootropics for anxiety also show a potential effect of abolishing the effects of learned helplessness. We also suggest preparations for depression available in our store, which may prove to be a support during periods of lowered mood.

Biolab offers Bacopa Monnieri, an Ayurvedic herb with adaptogenic, sedative, anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties. These are due to its content of components such as bacosides and bacopasaponin C. An experiment conducted showed that supplementation is a way to reduce not only anxiety symptoms, but also depression. An important benefit for people who would like to reach for such anti-anxiety nootropics is the absence of side effects, including amnesia. Bacopa Monnieri contributes to raising the level of serotonin in the brain (known as the happy hormone). In addition, it affects the activation of the protein that is responsible for the transport of this neurotransmitter. We also offer anti-anxiety nootropics containing phenylethylamine and hordenine. Their supplementation is recommended for anyone who wants to improve their mood and enjoy a good mood. The product will work well for people living under a lot of stress and struggling with depression.