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L-ARGININE 50 MG - it is involved in the production of NO (nitric oxide), affects the operation of the entire circulatory system - seals blood vessels. It protects against coronary artery disease and regulates blood pressure. It promotes the work of the thymus gland and the maturation of immune cells. It supports the healing process and the fusion of bones, and helps in the process of cell division. It supports the building of muscle tissue and gives the feeling of a pump. L-arginine also regulates the secretion of many hormones, especially growth hormone. It is used in dentistry to treat tooth sensitivity.


L-ORNITHINE 50 MG - ornithine helps to improve the functioning of the digestive system and supports the liver, but also improves fat metabolism.It also improves the work of the intestines and digestive enzymes. It has cortisol lowering properties and improves sleep quality. It accelerates the excretion of ammonia from the body and minimizes psychophysical stress.


L-CITRULINE 50 MG - reduces the level of muscle pain, fatigue and increases endurance during physical exertion. to the development of muscle hypertrophy (muscle pump), which increases blood flow through the muscles. It participates in the process of the urea cycle, leads to the neutralization and detoxification of harmful ammonia. It leads to an increase in the pH factor in our body, and this leads to a reduction in the amount of lactic acid.

LYSINE 50 MG -Lysine (l-lysine) is a protein essential amino acid. It belongs to the group of essential amino acids that are not synthesized in the body and therefore must be supplied to it from the outside. It takes part in the processes related to the reconstruction of tissues and fat metabolism, increases the growth of muscle mass, inhibits the development of arginine, and also plays an important role in the synthesis of carnitine that strengthens the cardiovascular system. It also prevents the development of deposits related to atherosclerosis. It absorbs calcium, improves mental concentration and participates in the processes of antibody formation, growth stimulation, as well as the production of hormones and enzymes.

GLYCINE 25 MG -Glycine is a conditionally essential amino acid that serves both as an inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitter. It is chemically the simplest and most ubiquitous of all amino acids. It combines with many toxic substances, transforming them into harmless forms which are then excreted. It also has a positive effect on attention and memory in adults. Glycine can also support the immune system and has an oxidative stress regulating effect. It is also a component of creatine in hair. It appears in cosmetics whose task is, among others, to rebuild keratin, it improves the appearance of hair, prevents static electricity, strengthens and smoothes it. Supports the digestive system while taking potent drugs. It can support the body in regulating blood sugar levels, while reducing the feeling of hunger and fatigue.

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