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ARA 290, also known as cibinetide, is an 11–amino acid peptide that has potent tissue-protective and tissue-regenerative properties. It is called “nonhematopoietic peptide” because ARA 290 exerts its beneficial effects without stimulating erythropoesis or red blood cell production. Preclinical and clinical studies have shown that by selectively interacting with the innate repair receptor, ARA 290 mediates tissue protection.

The results of these studies show that ARA 290 prevents tissue injury, reduces inflammation and activates healing. However, in contrast to rhEPO (erythropoesis) that has shown side effects in clinical trials, to date ARA 290 has been shown to be safe when formally evaluated in preclinical animal toxicology, normal human volunteers and patients with sarcoidosis.

In preclinical models of neuropathy, ARA 290 has been shown to prevent and improve peripheral neuropathic pain, an action that requires the innate repair receptor. In these effects, ARA 290 is not acting as an analgesic agent, but rather reduces the underlying inflammation and stimulates nerve fiber regrowth from damaged axons. Recent studies of patients with sarcoidosis and SFN have shown that ARA 290 reduces neuropathic symptoms in conjunction with an increase of small nerve fibers as assessed by changes in the density of corneal nerve fibers. Additionally, ARA 290 has been shown to reverse diabetes-induced autonomic nerve degeneration

Due to the novelty of ARA-290, pain relief and inflammation reduction may only be scratching the surface of its true health-optimizing capabilities. Although these use cases are not definitively proven, they are worth further examination by any scientist with an interest in therapeutic peptidesIncreased efficiency in oxygen utilization, may exert antidepressant effects in young, healthy adults, could assist in preventing the development of “emphysema” (i.e. damaged air sacs in lungs)Improves health span while reducing age-associated declines in heart structure and function


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