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Weak hair and nails indicate that the body is not functioning as it should. Most often this is caused by a deficiency of certain components. A properly balanced diet is the key to healthy and shiny hair and strong nails. It is worth remembering that damaged strands and dull and crumbling plate are not only aesthetic problems. It is a clear sign that our body needs support, and the state of health is not satisfactory. Biolab offers supplements for hair, which will help restore its attractive appearance and improve its condition. Formulations for nails are designed to strengthen the plate and speed up the regeneration process.

Hair loss supplements - a way to quickly rebuild

Hair loss is faced by both women and men. In addition to a poor diet, chronic stress and an unhealthy lifestyle are the main causes. Sometimes the fault lies in poor hair care or too much styling. High temperatures and the use of highly bleaching products in particular have negative effects. When using hair supplements, it is crucial to eliminate bad habits, both dietary and grooming-related. Hair loss can also have a medical basis. One example is androgenetic alopecia, which affects both men and women. It is usually associated with hormonal disorders. The products we offer not only accelerate the regenerative processes, but also have the effect of stimulating inflammatory follicles. The hair loss supplement contributes to stimulating cells for growth.

Increased hair loss, weakness and brittleness are symptoms that often indicate magnesium deficiency. The element itself is the building material of both hair, nails and skin. Its adequate supply, which is provided by supplements for beautiful nails, therefore affects their aesthetic appearance and condition. The element is responsible for providing strands with the energy to grow. Its insufficient level makes them not only stop growing, but at the same time begin to fall out, while nails become brittle. With regular use, hair strands regain their former shine and appearance over time. Magnesium also helps in the fight against stress and problems with concentration (we also recommend other preparations for brain function from our offer).

Nail supplements - a way to strengthen the plate

Nails are very susceptible to damage. They are negatively affected not only by a poor diet, but also by contact with strong detergents, physical labor and frequent manicures. Supplements for brittle nails are designed to strengthen the plate, so that it stops crumbling, breaking and splitting. Regular intake of preparations from our offer prevents discoloration and characteristic white spots. Supplements for healthy nails contain a number of valuable ingredients that accelerate the regeneration process. It is worth bearing in mind that a healthy plate has a light pink color. Other shades indicate health problems or improper absorption of certain ingredients.

We suggest supplements for strong nails containing biotin or zinc. Biotin is a vitamin that has a particularly positive effect on nails and hair. It contains sulfur molecules, which in turn are essential for building keratin. If you are fed up with problems with breaking and splitting nails, biotin supplementation is the best way to improve their condition. In addition, it is worth opting for it if you have problems with hair loss and weakened hair structure. An additional benefit is that it delays the graying of hair. We also offer supplements for weak nails containing zinc. It is responsible for stimulating the metabolism of amino acids and increasing the absorption of vitamins. Zinc deficiency often manifests itself as vitiligo of the nails and dermatological problems on the scalp. Supplements for nail strengthening are designed to increase the production of keratin, which is the basic building block. This is how zinc works.

Hair and nail supplements - bet on comprehensive action

We offer preparations containing valuable ingredients. An effective dietary supplement for hair and nails is also safe, even in long-term use, and only such products can be found in our offer. Those who want to improve the condition of hair and nails can also choose to supplement omega-3 acids. At Biolab you will find a high-quality preparation containing omega-3 acids, which greatly improves the condition of hair strands. We offer good supplements for hair and nails for anyone struggling with hair loss and thinning, brittleness and split ends. In addition, you can count on improved hydration of the scalp. Omega-3 acids are recommended as supplements for hard nails. This is because brittleness is often associated with their deficiency.

We also offer NAC, or N-acetyl-L- cysteine. This is a very powerful antioxidant and a biologically active form of cysteine. Cysteine, in turn, is an amino acid that is a component of keratin. Good supplements for oily hair contain it. NAC regulates the amount of sebum secretion, reducing greasiness. In addition, a preparation containing an extract of immaculata stands out for its excellent effect. As a result of supplementation, on the one hand, hair loss is stopped, while on the other hand, the process of appearance of new hair strands is accelerated. In addition, you can count on an increase in volume, improved hydration and shine.

Supplementation for falling hair consists in providing key ingredients that affect the quality and condition of hair strands. We are talking about, among others, amino acids, which strengthen the structure of the strands and replenish losses. They are responsible for accelerating the cycle of cell reconstruction, stimulate the production of keratin, the main building block of hair (and nails), and protect against the negative impact of free radicals and toxins. Those who suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies can also reach for preparations for malnutrition available in our offer.