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The sense of sight allows us to explore the world around us every day. Unfortunately, in doing so, it is exposed to damage and other inconveniences, headed by itching, dryness or pain. High exposure to blue light is one of the factors that contributes greatly to the deterioration of vision. Working in front of a computer and spending leisure time watching movies, browsing online stores or entertaining on the Internet exposes us to prolonged radiation. Its effects can include retinal degeneration and macular degeneration. Other unpleasant effects include tearing, burning, itching and dryness. Eye and vision supplements are products that are worth using both preventively and when certain ailments already accompany us. At Biolab you will find the best quality preparations that will help you regain comfort, and at the same time protect the organ of vision from further damage.

Eye supplements - take care of your vision together with Biolab

The quality of vision deteriorates not only as a result of excessive exposure to blue light, but also with the aging of the body. In order to keep the eyes in good condition for a long time, it is necessary to implement good habits related to, for example, computer work and reading. A balanced diet is also very important. It is worth supplementing it with supplements for eyesight, which provide the necessary minerals. Another issue is to provide the eyes with proper rest. The better the quality of sleep, the greater the possibility of regeneration. In Biolab's offer you will find preparations that effectively support the organ of sight, not only improving the quality of vision, but also protecting against diseases. We also recommend sleep preparations that make it easier to fall asleep and reduce the frequency of awakenings during the night.

Supplements for improving vision that greatly slow down the negative effects of the aging process are omega-3 fatty acids. Providing them in adequate amounts in the daily diet can be a challenge, especially for people on a vegan or vegetarian diet. In such cases, supplementation is absolutely necessary. In our offer you will find high-quality omega-3 acids, thanks to which you will supplement deficiencies. In this way, you will reduce the risk of eye diseases, and at the same time strengthen visual acuity. Another benefit is improved blood supply to the optic nerve. Thus, this is the best prevention, thanks to which you will also increase the efficiency of vision. An adequate supply of omega-3 fatty acids is a way to keep the retina in good shape. Another benefit is the reduction of dry eye symptoms.

Healthy eyes - a dietary supplement with comprehensive effects

Your daily diet must also include zinc and selenium. Both elements are involved in the production of rhodopsin. This is a light-sensitive pigment that reduces free radicals to some extent. In addition, zinc participates in the formation of visual pigments in the retina. The result of its deficiency is so-called night blindness. As a good eye supplement, it reduces the risk of advanced macular degeneration, which often occurs with age. In the worst cases, it can lead to complete loss of vision. An adequate supply of zinc is crucial, especially for older people, as zinc levels gradually decrease over time.

Good eye supplements also contain vitamin D. In our offer you can find a preparation that combines vitamin D3 with vitamin K. The former regulates calcium and phosphorus metabolism. The result of a deficiency can be cataracts and myopia. Another is to delay the aging process of the organ of vision. You can also count on improved vision. If vitamin D levels are adequate, the risk of health ailments is much lower. You can therefore enjoy good vision for many years. Supplements for healthy eyes containing this ingredient affect the regulation of pressure inside the eyeball. In addition, they protect against macular degeneration. We are especially vulnerable to vitamin D deficiency during the autumn and winter, when the amount of sunlight is much lower. During this time, we are also weakened and chronically tired, so it is worth reaching for energy supplements from our offer.

Supplements for tired eyes - our recommendations

When there is pain, redness and problems with blurred vision, it may indicate eye fatigue. This is the result of eye muscle fatigue. This is a very troublesome ailment that greatly impedes daily life. In such a case, it is worth reaching for good eye supplements that will eliminate the unpleasant sensation of dryness and the trouble of concentrating vision. A great solution is, among others, forskolin, or Indian nettle. It is distinguished by its positive effects on the circulatory system. Thanks to it, blood vessels are dilated, which translates into better blood circulation and lower blood pressure. As a result, the pressure in the eyeballs is also lowered. This manifests itself in less eye fatigue and improved quality of vision. Forskolin is an excellent choice for those struggling with feelings of dryness. It can therefore be a great alternative to drops. Good vision supplements with forskolin lower the risk of glaucoma, due to the reduction in intraocular pressure.