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The phenomenon of initial bone decalcification can be encountered as early as 30 years of age. The result is a significant weakening of their structure. The process itself is associated with a decrease in the activity of enzymes that are involved in metabolizing vitamin D. This problem intensifies with age. The absorption of vitamin D also deteriorates, and the concentration of calcium in the blood also decreases. All this is associated with the risk of osteoporosis, which greatly reduces the comfort of daily life and, unfortunately, can cause permanent disability. People affected by this disease are at great risk of fractures, even from minor injuries. At the same time, bones become more brittle and porous. Due to the fact that osteoporosis does not give any symptoms in its initial stage, most people do not know that such a disease affects them at all. Preparations for strong bones are products worth reaching for not only when we are aware of the problem, but also preventively.

How do preparations for healthy bones work?

People who want to check whether they are affected by the problem of bone demineralization can check their height several times a year. This is practically the only visible sign of osteoporosis, because as the intervertebral discs flatten, we become shorter. If we notice that with each measurement we note lower values, it is necessary to take treatment. The most common is the so-called primary osteoporosis, which is directly related to aging. Bone reconstruction preparations can also be taken by people struggling with other diseases, including Ollier's disease (known as enchondromatosis or intramedullary cartilage) or Albers-Schönberg disease (i.e. bone marbling or osteopetrosis).

Bone reconstruction preparations are distinguished by their broad spectrum of action. Their task is to regenerate the osteoarticular system, especially in cases of trauma, fractures, dislocations or sprains. Fractures most often occur as a result of trauma or weakened bone structure (for example, due to osteoporosis). They are accompanied by pain, swelling, swelling and inability to move. By taking appropriate preparations for accelerating bone fusion, you can effectively stimulate the healing process not only of the fractures themselves, but also of bone defects and defects. After fusion, they become stronger and less susceptible to injury.

Bone strengthening preparations after fracture - our suggestions

One product worth paying special attention to in the context of osteoarticular health is BPC-157. It is distinguished by its great regenerative properties not only for bones and joints, but also for muscles. The peptide is used in the treatment of wounds, burns and serious cuts. Its intake can greatly accelerate the process of bone fusion (even twice). BPC-157 stimulates the production of fibroblasts, which are formed at the site of injury. These are the ones that form a structure consisting of cartilage, collagen and calcium. Such preparations for bone fusion simultaneously make the new tissue stronger and tougher. As a result, the regeneration process happens much faster. At Biolab, you can also find other preparations for regeneration affecting different parts of the body.

BPC-157 is a product recommended for people who have undergone surgery involving the skeletal system. Unfortunately, during such procedures, both bone and soft tissue structures are interfered with. Post-operative therapy with the described peptide is a way to speed up recovery and regain function in a shorter time. It is also possible to reduce pain and alleviate the effects of the aforementioned interference.

What to take for bones?

We also offer preparations for bones, which work by improving their density. An example of such a product is Sermorelin, an analog of the growth hormone-releasing hormone. As we age, GHRH levels begin to decline. By taking Sermorelin, one can make up for these deficiencies. This, in turn, increases collagen production, improves bone density, and at the same time increases energy levels (we also recommend other energy supplements available at Biolab). Sermorelin is also said to contribute to reducing wrinkles and delaying the aging process.

Alternative to growth hormone is MOD GRF 1-29. It is responsible for strengthening bones, while at the same time accelerating regenerative processes to a very high degree. Therefore, it can be very helpful for people who have suffered tendon or joint injuries. Such preparations for bone strengthening after a fracture stimulate the healing process. Moreover, MOD GRF 1-29 is a product that improves the quality of sleep and facilitates the building of muscle lean body mass. We also offer other preparations for healthy bones. Among others, we recommend a combination of GHK-Cu with Epithalon. Such an agent supports the production of both collagen and fibroblasts and promotes the growth of blood vessels. Epithalon, in turn, is known for its anti-aging properties.