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Pre-workout supplements are supplements designed to provide users with high levels of energy and stimulation during physical activity. In addition, some pre-workout supplements can increase endurance and strength, which in turn translates into better exercise results. Taking them is recommended especially during periods of fatigue, when you lack the strength to perform a full workout. The immediate effect of such preparations not only increases motivation to perform planned exercises, but at the same time guarantees high training capacity.

How do pre-workouts work?

Taking a properly selected pre-workout is a way to increase strength. The presence of stimulants makes the body stimulated for increased effort, which at the same time allows you to perform additional series of exercises or cover a greater distance. Thus, the body is better prepared for physical exertion. The most powerful pre-workouts can additionally increase the release of nitric oxide. This, in turn, is responsible for increasing the lumen of blood vessels. As a result, more blood, oxygen and nutrients reach the muscles. This, in turn, translates into their working faster, harder and more efficiently.

What do pre-workouts provide? In addition to the properties described above, you can also count on accelerated muscle recovery processes. We also recommend the peptides for regeneration available in our offer. Substances found in pre-workout nutrients reduce the risk of sourdough, while improving performance. This is made possible by neutralizing lactic acid. Some ingredients affect the ability to achieve a fuller muscle shape. A pre-workout should always be tailored to the type of activity practiced, as a person whose goal is to build muscle mass or a professional bodybuilder needs different support, and a marathon runner needs a different one. Amateurs, on the other hand, can reach for universal products, which are distinguished by their optimal effect.

Is it worth taking pre-workout supplements?

The ingredients found in pre-workout supplements are designed to prepare the body for extreme effort, often under conditions of severe fatigue. Thanks to the stimulating properties, it is possible to eliminate the weakness caused by daily stresses. This, in turn, translates into the ability to perform training correctly. Good pre-workout supplements are products that will increase the efficiency of exercise, while reducing the risk of mistakes caused by fatigue. At the same time, they make it possible to ensure a high level of intensity for a sufficiently long time, which is a key factor in achieving satisfactory results.

The benefits of taking a pre-workout also have to do with improving concentration levels. Better focus on the exercises makes them performed more accurately, which also translates into efficiency and less risk of injury. In addition, the nutrients allow you to train more slowly and take shorter breaks between series. This, in turn, prolongs the muscle pump effect. Natural pre-workout supplements are products safe to use, which additionally improve the feeling of well-being after a workout. Thanks to this, even at very high intensity, trainees do not feel completely deprived of energy, tired and sore. To take full advantage of the properties of pre-workout nutrients, they should not be a permanent part of workouts, but only function as a fallback option. Otherwise, there is a risk of becoming resistant to individual ingredients and their weaker effect.

What pre-workout supplements can be found in our offer?

One of the ingredients that play a very important role when working out for the figure are amino acids. They perform many important functions, led by accelerating fat reduction and protecting muscles from catabolism. In addition, they have an indirect effect on increasing strength. In our offer you can find powerful pre-workout supplements containing L-arginine, L-ornithine and L-cytrulline, among others. The first amino acid participates in the production of nitric oxide, thereby sealing the blood vessels. As a result, blood vessels are dilated and blood flow is increased. This in turn translates into the delivery of more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. As a result of better nourishment of muscle fibers, the overall performance of the body improves.

The effect of a pre-workout containing L-ornithine is to accelerate the processes of fat metabolism. In addition, you can count on improving the work of digestive enzymes. L-citrulline is an amino acid responsible for increasing endurance during exercise. It is contained in pre-workout pump-ups, due to the fact that it contributes to the appearance of muscular hypertrophy, and thus greater blood flow through the muscles. In addition, it speeds up recovery processes, reducing muscle soreness, fatigue and reducing the risk of sours. Amino acids can be found in Extreme Pump and Vaso Burn Pro, among others.

Pre-workout supplements - what else do we suggest?

L-carnitine is another popular pre-workout ingredient. What is it? It's an organic chemical compound that is able not only to adapt the body to increased physical exertion, but at the same time accelerates post-workout recovery. First of all, it contributes to reducing tissue damage and muscle soreness. In addition, it stimulates fat burning and increases resistance to fatigue and overload. The strongest pre-workouts additionally contain substances that stimulate the body and increase energy. This is how AMP found in the Pure Power product works, among others. It exhibits a strong stimulating effect, not only improving athletic performance, but also accelerating fat burning.

People who care about increasing endurance during training, but additionally stimulating mental activity and speeding up recovery after exercise, can reach for the Adamax product. It also provides the additional benefit of increasing brain capacity. To support fat reduction, on the other hand, one can reach for Shredded. In addition to L-carnitine, it contains substances that accelerate the process of fat and cholesterol metabolism, control muscle function and increase energy levels. We also offer peptides for weight loss with a broad spectrum of action.

After what time does a pre-workout start working?

Typically, a so-called pre-workout (i.e., pre-workout supplements of various caliber, recommended for strength training) begins to work about 20-30 minutes after its use, while the "peak" (peak of potential) can be expected about an hour after taking it.

How much pre-workout to take a pre-workout?

The time when you should take a so-called pre-workout depends on the specific product. The key here is that the substance has already had time to take effect, but also that its effects fall right at the time of exercise. It can be generally assumed that a pre-workout supplement is good to take about half an hour before the start of training.