Peptides are an extremely effective anti-aging ingredient used in cosmetics with a very versatile effect.

Peptides owe their effectiveness to a very small size, thanks to which they are able to overcome the epidermal barrier and reach their destination. They show high biological activity, which means that their effects are visible on the skin in a short time. Cosmetics with peptides are characterized by perfect chemical, microbiological purity and stability.

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Cosmetics with peptides - innovation for your skin

Beautiful, healthy and elastic skin is today a goal that not only women, but also men strive for. Unfortunately, the passage of years negatively affects the condition of our complexion and, as a result, imperfections such as wrinkles and hyperpigmentation appear on it.

As science has always been concerned with finding answers to the ills of everyday life, developments in this area also allow us to score some points in the clash against the clock. The innovations of the cosmetic industry have already been used by celebrities for years, but with the increase in the capabilities of scientists, the availability of agents such as peptides in cosmetics is also increasing, with their effects already well established on the market.

What role do peptides play in cosmetics?

Peptides are increasingly popular substances in anti-aging treatments due to their excellent efficacy. It is due to the fact that these tiny chains of amino acids, linked by peptide bonds, exemplarily handle the epidermis and get into the deeper parts of the skin.

After getting into the body, their task is to mimic the natural substances acting on its cells, thus regulating the processes of water binding in the skin or collagen production. What is the tangible result of such advanced action? Smooth, moisturized and firm skin without wrinkles.

Copper as a key element for your beauty

GHK-CU is an essential ingredient in peptide cosmetics. It is composed of copper and three amino acids: histidine, lysine and glycine. It is a natural component of plasma, and also occurs at the site of tissue damage. This is why its use is very good at supporting the regenerative processes not only of the skin itself, but also of the gastric membrane or bone tissue. This tripeptide is able to activate stem cells, capable of replacing almost any damaged tissue.

When it comes to cosmetics with peptides, the action of GHK-Cu seems to be an irreplaceable support. Its aging-lowering effect fits perfectly with the goals that cosmetology is pursuing.

Other properties of GHK-Cu

This substance, in addition to its effect on the skin, also has a number of other positives. GHK-Cu can replace the world-famous minoxidil - an agent often used in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. Our product modifies the hair growth cycle, shortening the hair's resting period (known as the telogen phase) and lengthening the period of intense growth, known as the anagen phase.

When it comes to cosmetics with peptides, the anti-aging effects can be so plural and varied that their neuroprotective effects should come as no surprise. Scientists have proven that GHK-Cu, due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant potential, protects against cognitive impairment, as well as age-related memory decline. In addition, the tripeptide's ability to regulate the expression of genes responsible for maintaining neuronal health should not be overlooked.

Cosmetic section at Biolab store

Peptide-rich cosmetics can be found in our range of face, neck and topical creams. All of these products have been formulated by respected biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart, who is behind the isolation of the key ingredient, the GHK-Cu peptide.

We especially recommend:

  • Decolletage cream PERFECT LIFT TIME REMEDY - a moisturizing hand cream that will serve you to firm the neck and upper chest areas. These areas are often overlooked in our daily grooming, as we focus primarily on taking care of the skin on our face or hands. Often, among truly well-groomed seniors, their age can be known just by their neck. It's time to change this.
  • SUPER COP 2X - Extra Strength - an excellent cream with extremely powerful topical action. With it you will get rid of very difficult to remove hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, deep facial wrinkles and even pigmentation problems caused by sun damage.
  • 3% GHK VIP LUXURY CREAM - This luxurious cream contains the strongest concentration of GHK-Cu, making it unsurpassed in restoring radiance, smoothing out wrinkles and eliminating skin imperfections. The addition of Spanish lavender oil and aloe vera will make your skin smooth and supple
  • GHK-Cu CREPEY SKIN ESCAPE 3% - an absolute novelty among comprehensive skin care creams. Thanks to its high saturation in peptides, the cosmetic effect of this product can compete with the best on the market. The addition of a membrane stabilizer and a special firming solution guarantees a multi-level action to improve the condition of the skin.
Are cosmetics with peptides safe?

According to studies, cosmetics with peptides are among the least potentially allergenic cosmetics, so they are also safe for sensitive skin, and their use is not subject to any special restrictions. This is due to the fact that peptides mimic substances naturally found in the human body.

Can peptides be used daily?

Yes. Unlike retinol, for example, peptides can be quickly introduced into your daily skin care ritual and will not cause redness, irritation or dry skin. The only thing worth remembering is not to combine peptides with exfoliating acids.

Can peptides be allergenic?

According to current research, peptides are extremely safe substances that are not allergenic. For this reason, they are also recommended for sensitive skin and those prone to allergic reactions. If you have any concerns, you can always try a new cosmetic on a small batch of skin.