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AEG-BPC is one of the most popular peptides, which comes in the form of an arginine salt. What sets it apart is its very high stability. It is directly related not only to its effective action, but at the same time to its high biological activity. BPC-157 occurs naturally in stomach acid. The synthetic version is composed of 15 amino acids with a high safety profile. The peptide has a very broad spectrum of action, which translates into many benefits for both people who want to improve their health and athletes.

ARG-BPC - application

The ARG-BPC peptide shows a very high similarity to a substance naturally occurring in the human body. It is most often said to have an effect on the digestive system and to stimulate the regeneration processes of injuries, including fractures and skin wounds. For this reason, the substance is used as a means of speeding up recovery from various procedures involving the digestive system. In addition, it exhibits properties that relieve unpleasant symptoms associated with the stomach. ARG-BPC may also prove to be a solution for problems with erosion in the gastric or intestinal mucosa. The substance is especially recommended for people struggling with irritation of the gastric mucosa, supporting the regenerative process. In addition, it protects the stomach from the negative effects of various harmful substances. It is also recommended for people suffering from IBS, due to its ability to relieve inflammation, in addition to those struggling with Crohn's disease, leaky gut and gastrointestinal cramps.

Another use of ARG-BPC is to accelerate regenerative processes, especially those involving tendon injuries. The substance shows the ability to accelerate the growth of fibroblasts. As a result, you can count on accelerating muscle and tendon damage due to the formation of new blood vessels. In our offer you can also find other peptides for regeneration, which support, among other things, the repair of connective tissue and muscles.

ARG-BPC - additional effects

The ARG-BPC peptide, due to its regenerative properties, is especially recommended for people after recent surgeries and injuries. By increasing the expression of proteins involved in the formation of collagen structures, the healing process is significantly accelerated. In addition, the substance shows positive effects on the nervous system. In particular, the neuroprotective effect is of great importance. In addition, positive effects on the GABA system and the possibility of its regeneration after the use of certain drugs are indicated. There are also indications related to the antidepressant effect of ARG-BPC. This is related to the interaction of the peptide with the serotonin system. We also recommend checking out other preparations for depression available in our offer.

In addition to the above-mentioned properties, the substance affects the stabilization of electrolyte metabolism. As a result, the body is protected from the dangerous effects of excess potassium. This is one of the most dangerous electrolyte disorders. The peptide also shows an effect that reduces the negative effects of taking NSAID drugs, reduces the effects of insulin overdose and enhances the process of angiogenesis.