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Strength supplements - how do they work?

If you regularly work out at the gym you certainly know those moments when you could use some extra "power". Extra strength can largely be provided by a well-balanced diet and quality sleep, but also by safe supplementation tailored to your individual needs.

Lately, SARMs for strength have become very popular. These are selective androgen receptor modulators that exhibit potent anabolic effects. In practice, this means that they can help you build muscle mass quickly, lose unwanted body fat and increase your overall endurance.

Are SARMs for strength enhancement the same as steroids?

No. As SARMs are non-steroidal compounds and have no steroidal structure, they definitely belong to a different group than standard SAAs (anabolic-androgenic steroids).

Their pattern of action is also different from steroids: SARMs act selectively, so they have far fewer side effects than steroids. Thus, for example, androgenetic alopecia, acne or gynecomastia, common when taking SAAs, should not occur.

For some people, an additional advantage of SARMs will also be the less invasive form of administration - they are used orally, e.g. in the form of tablets or drops.

The most important effects of SARMs for strength

When it comes to SARMs increasing muscle mass is actually largely a "boost" of the effects of the effort put into training. You can therefore expect:

  • faster muscle growth,
  • easier shedding of body fat,
  • increased bone metabolism and increased bone density,
  • faster recovery from intense workouts and injuries,
  • lower levels of so-called "bad cholesterol". bad cholesterol.

All these effects make SARMs recommended not only for strength training, but also for those doing cardio training.

What SARMs for strength gains can you find in the Biolab store?


Ostarine is a SARM that has extremely beneficial effects on the growth of lean muscle mass and on the increase of physical strength. It is also an ally of bodies that have suffered injury, speeding up their return to full fitness.

This SARM, like many others, does not convert to either DHT or estrogen, dramatically reducing the number of possible adverse effects. In the Biolab store, you can choose between ostarin drops and ostarin tablets.


A member of the 2-nitrothiophene group, stenabolic exhibits broad, positive effects on the body. Among other things, it is able to direct the body to better utilize oxygen, boost metabolism (of both fats and sugars), and help regulate sleep.

Stenabolic can also increase strength, reducing feelings of fatigue and improving overall body condition.


A good example of a SARM for increasing strength is also Testolone.

Testolone, also known as RAD 140, is a potent anabolic SARM. It works by stimulating androgen receptors, thus mimicking testosterone - but, importantly, without raising estradiol or prolactin levels. Its main effect of interest is primarily an increase in strength and endurance, as well as a positive effect on recovery.

This SARM can be used both in drop form and tablets.


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