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Semax - a peptide for improving working memory and concentration

Semax - what is it and for whom?

Semax is a synthetic peptide, which is the terminal fragment of an ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone) analog. It exhibits its action mainly in the forebrain and hippocampus. Thanks to its structure based on proteins that occur naturally in the human body, it is characterized by high absorption and assimilability.

It is especially recommended for people who need support during increased brain activity. It will also be a suitable choice during mood dips, in states of chronic stress, and even as a supplement during the treatment of depression.

Semax is also widely used in medicine and is sometimes used to treat complications of stroke or brain damage caused by hypoxia, treat ADHD or the previously mentioned depression, among other things.

Semax - action of the peptide

Wondering how exactly semax works and what effects you can expect when using it?

The most important feature of semax is certainly its ability to rapidly raise the concentration of BDNF factor, which is responsible for the reconstruction of neurons. It is thanks to this process:

  • the development of new neural connections is stimulated,
  • the death of existing cells is reduced,
  • the function of sensory neurons and retinal neurons is improved.

This peptide has a very positive effect on brain function, improves concentration and overall regenerative capabilities (so much so that it is used in stroke patients!), and due to the improved function of retinal neurons, it positively affects the quality of vision and prevents its deterioration.

Additionally, due to the ability of melanocortin receptors to activate the dopamine and serotonin systems, a marked improvement in mood and often a reduction in anxiety is noted. Semax also has a positive effect on motor control, cognitive processes and intrinsic motivation, and some people report improved appetite with its use.

Form of use and dosage of Semax

Our peptide is commercially available in two forms:

  1. As a ready-to-use solution in an atomizer bottle.
  2. As a dry powder, used to dissolve in water and create an injectable solution.

No matter which form you choose, semax exhibits similar efficacy, so simply tailor your purchase to your convenience and preference.

When it comes to application, scientific sources indicate that for best results it should be taken 3 times a day, with a single serving being around 100-150 mcg. It is worth emphasizing here that (as with any other substance) it is best to start with the minimum dose and gradually increase it, carefully observing the body's reactions, and if in doubt, consult a doctor or other specialist.

Is the use of semax risky?

As with any substance, irresponsible use can carry the consequences of side effects, which is why it is so important to follow the directions and carefully observe the body's reaction. However, it should be remembered that this peptide is characterized by an almost complete absence of unwanted effects. In addition, it is not an addictive substance (some even support themselves with semax to support the fight against other addictions), so it is also characterized by high safety in this respect.