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TB-500 - a peptide that will repair your body

Injuries are an integral part of regular training and sports lifestyle. They can result either from overtraining, overstressing the body, or, for example, from improper exercise technique. Unfortunately, they tend to recur, excluding you from training for weeks or even months.

Of course, the basis for returning to form is usually rehabilitation. With the help of TB-500, however, you can successfully speed up this repair process and make it go extremely smoothly.

TB-500 - what is it?

TB-500 is a synthetic equivalent of thymosin - the body's natural protein peptide and the body's specific repair factor. Normally, thymosin appears in the place that "needs" it, so, for example, at the site of damaged tissue. TB-500 works similarly, and thanks to its small size and weight, it is able to transport itself efficiently to the target site, relieving inflammation and speeding up overall recovery.

TB-500 - action

The main action for which TB-500 is valued by athletes is tissue repair and acceleration of healing processes almost on a clinical level. It will come as no surprise, therefore, that this peptide is currently in the research phase as a potential drug.

In fact, however, TB-500 has a pleiotropic effect on the whole body. It stimulates the production of T lymphocytes, regulates actin levels and increases the number of B cells, which benefits the overall immunity of users of this agent. In addition, it builds new blood vessels, promoting angiogenesis, supplies oxygen to muscles, and - due to its ability to maintain the elasticity of, for example, tendons or ligaments - its use can also be a preventive element against injury. Interestingly, TB-500 is also sometimes used as an additional support in the case of excessive hair loss.

Power of synergy - TB-500 and BPC-157

BPC-157 (a peptide isolated from human gastric juice) enhances most of the effects expected from TB-500. Due to this very similar profile of action and the positive synergy between the agents, we decided to put both substances in one product. This is how we came up with a regenerative mix of TB-500 + BPC-157, which is the answer to extremely difficult to treat wounds, as well as acute or chronic inflammation.

TB-500 - precautions

In the Biolab store you will find TB-500 in the form of a sterile powder, ready to create a solution for injection. You must remember to handle the already made solution extremely gently and store it in the refrigerator (preferably up to 14 days).

When is it worth using TB-500 peptide? That is, a remedy not only for athletes

While it is a great remedy for amateur bodybuilders and other sports, it has a much broader effect. When else is it worth reaching for it?

  • for arthritis - TB-500 can increase joint mobility and reduce inflammation present,
  • for diseases involving a high risk of blood clots - because it also has an anticoagulant effect,
  • in the course of certain chronic diseases - especially those that generate various inflammatory conditions,
  • in the case of burns, cuts or sores - because TB-500 also has a soothing effect on the skin.

TB-500 peptide - safety

Like other peptides TB-500 is also characterized by complete safety. It is minimally invasive, and its possible side effects are limited to redness/discomfort at the injection site or symptoms similar to the common cold or flu (rarely).

Although, always strictly follow the manufacturer's dosage recommendations. Also, remember to buy these types of products only from trusted suppliers that are not suspected of selling counterfeit or untested substances.