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HGH - what is it?

HGH is a growth hormone that is produced in the pituitary gland. It gets its acronym from the English name Human Growth Hormone, but you may also encounter the term somatotropin.

It is growth hormone that determines, among other things, the proper secretion of peptides in the body, the stimulation of body growth or the regulation of insulin secretion. HGH growth hormone also has a positive effect on fat reduction, increasing the process of breaking down fats and thus preventing their accumulation in the body.

HGH growth hormone. Why is its proper level so important?

The secretion of natural growth hormone changes with age, among other things - of course, the passage of years works against us here. Also inadequate diet, sleep deprivation or heavy exertion can cause HGH levels to simply be too low.

Thus, without its adequate level, body growth becomes virtually impossible. A deficiency of growth hormone can also result in, among other things, a constant feeling of fatigue, lower bone density, and a tendency to abdominal obesity.

For these reasons, HGH is a staple for people who care about body shape recomposition and muscle mass expansion, and its supplementation is recommended in principle to anyone who regularly practices sports (including power sports, such as bodybuilding or power triathlon. bodybuilding or powerlifting).

What's important is that HGH is not classified as doping, and the detection window for this hormone is extremely short.

What sets HGH fragment apart?

The so-called HGH 176-191 is a small, synthetic fragment of the natural human growth hormone (HGH) we described above. It is known for its positive effects on the fat burning process, which is why it is also sometimes referred to as a lipolytic fragment.

HGH 176-191 fragment is often a much better choice than "pure" HGH, as it does not negatively affect the body's carbohydrate metabolism. What also speaks in its favor is its lipolytic effect - much stronger than that of HGH alone. An additional advantage is that HGH Fragment does not alter the body's insulin sensitivity. It also does not affect the increase in insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1)

For some, it may also matter that HGH Fragment is simply a cheaper product.

HGH effects and action

Wondering exactly how HGH works? First of all, this hormone:

  • accelerates fat loss,
  • helps lower blood sugar levels,
  • expands connective tissue,
  • has a positive effect on skin thickness.

Nothing happens on its own, however, and this is also the case here. To give this supplement a chance to show its full potential, your own work is necessary. First and foremost important here is a balanced, varied diet (rich in oily fish, but low in sugars and carbohydrates), adequate sleep and your physical activity. However, if you take care of these aspects, strengthening your body with HGH Fragment will give you plenty of positive results.

HGH fragment 176-191 effects:

  • improved physique and help build lean (dry) muscle mass,
  • stable sugar levels, and therefore easier to maintain a healthy body weight and get rid of attacks of so-called "hunger pangs". wolf hunger,
  • faster regeneration and healing of cartilage,
  • younger-looking, tighter skin,
  • improved immunity.

HGH where to buy and what form of administration to opt for?

What you want to use within your body matters a great deal. That's why when it comes to buying HGH the store should be chosen with care. It is important to be able to read the research on at least the concentration of the substance in a given product. Unfortunately, such practice is still rare in the industry. In the case of Biolab, you will find the results of the studies in a separate tab dedicated to them.

HGH growth hormone - Biolab store

HGH growth hormone Biolab store offers you in two forms: a classic powder for making a suspension and a spray. The choice of either of them is primarily a matter of your convenience and preference - while some can't imagine doing injections, others are not convinced by the spray form.

Growth hormone HGH - price

In the case of HGH, the price at Biolab Shop does not change depending on the method of administration. Both HGH Fragment powder and HGH Fragment spray cost the same.

It's worth adding that when it comes to our growth hormones, the price in the case of the spray takes into account not only the peptide itself, but also the saline, atomizer and syringe that will make it easier to prepare the suspension.

Does HGH growth hormone have big side effects?

The big advantage of HGH is that the side effects of its use are small and rare. This is due to the fact that our body is very familiar with this substance, so any side effects usually occur if the hormone is taken for an exceptionally long time and, above all, inappropriately. So remember to strictly follow the recommendations of the product manufacturer in this regard.

How to dose the HGH fragment?

The most common suggestion is to take HGH Fragment in amounts of 100 to 500mcg per day, divided into 1-2 doses. This peptide is best taken before training or before bed, never immediately after eating (preferably fasting or about 1h after the last meal).