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Peptide sprays - a non-invasive alternative

The most common form of administration of peptides - regardless of the purpose for which they are used - are injections, or simply injections. Many people find this very form suitable for themselves and the most effective. Still, there are many people for whom an intramuscular injection seems too invasive a procedure. It is with this group in mind that we present our range of spray peptides.

What are the advantages of spray peptides?

The main advantage when it comes to nasal peptides is, first of all, the convenience of use. As we mentioned above, for some, an intramuscular injection can cause great discomfort. However, non-invasive application is only one of the advantages of spray peptides. What other ones are worth highlighting?

  • spray peptides are an effective form of administration especially of nootropics, also known as smart supplements. These are those substances that have a positive effect on cognitive function and support brain function, such as. increasing sleep quality or improving concentration,
  • intranasal administration of peptides is a clever way to bypass the blood-brain barrier, allowing the peptide to go straight to the brain, which is the most important part of the central nervous system,
  • the use of peptide sprays also prevents the peptide itself from being degraded in the bloodstream, thus keeping it as effective as possible.

Peptide sprays - what can you find in the Biolab store?

Among the spray peptides we have in our store, you will find products from almost every group. These include peptides for weight reduction (e.g. HGH Fragment 176-191), peptides for recovery (e.g. BPC-157), peptides for libido (e.g. Melanotan 2 or PT-141). Leading the way, however, are the aforementioned nootropics (neuropeptides), showing high efficacy precisely in intranasal form.


This is a synthetic analog of the ACTH hormone fragment. Semax may enhance learning ability, facilitating memory and helping concentration. The presence of this agent stimulates the development of new nerve connections in the brain, as well as prolonging the life of existing ones.

An interesting alternative to Semax may be its slightly improved form, namely Adamax, which we also offer.


Epithalon is a telomerase activator - this enzyme is directly associated with anti-aging effects, hence the use of Epithalon can help lower the biological age of the body and combat the effects of natural aging.


If you are looking for a peptide with anti-anxiety effects that will simultaneously improve your memory, Selank will be one of the better choices. Its action is mainly based on reducing feelings of tension or stress, making it easier to find yourself also in new, unfavorable conditions or environments.


Oxytocin is a hormone mainly associated with motherhood and closeness. This is a good association, as oxytocin plays a key role during childbirth or breastfeeding, for example. However, its positive properties do not end there. Oxytocin also regulates the nervous system and the secretion of dopamine, which is responsible for, among other things, the level of our motivation to achieve our goals.


DSIP affects many processes in the nervous system, both physiological and endocrine. Among its greatest benefits are its ability to reduce oxidative stress, as well as its salutary effect on quality sleep.

Check also our other neuropeptides: ARG-BPC, Cortagen and P-21, which may surprise you with their smart effects.